• Video Marketing

  • 1.  Why Video Marketing?

    In this day and age it is becoming increasingly hard to stand out from the crowd and be seen, so we need to keep innovating to keep ahead of the pack if we are  to “Break out of the sea of sameness “.


    Australians are still way behind the 8 ball with the use of video marketing and this leaves a huge opportunity for those who implement a proper video marketing strategy now to become the leaders in their market.

    YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world following close behind Google.  People aren’t just searching for music videos or silly stunts; they go looking for educational videos that could be yours positioning your brand as the market leader.

    Video is perceived as a much high quality form of communication than any other medium and helps to position your brand as unique while engaging your audience more and effectively getting your message across. 

    You Tube is owned by Google, and as a result, You Tube content is the most highly valued online content by Google, which provides great leverage for your online profile (compared to traditional SEO strategies).

    As a result , we have a number of video marketing strategies we use  for clients to interact with their clients, create brand awareness and position them as the market authority.

    Even Telstra is beginning to make video because they get that it's a growing emerging platform for business marketing. Check out their channel ... http://www.youtube.com/user/TelstraEnterprise/videos.

    2. Australian Online Video Statistics from 2013...some facts

    Last year, YouTube predicted (with confidence) that 90% of all web traffic will be video by 2020. This is a bold statement, but one that will very probably be vindicated.

    The primary reasons for this include continually increasing internet speeds, easier online video access via mobile devices and costs in producing video content decreasing.

    InAustralia, we’ve seen a lot of anecdotal evidence that online video continues to increase in popularity at the same rates being seen globally.

    So, we’ve scoured the web to find as many Australian YouTube and online video stats as we can to help give you a picture of what is happening locally.

    1. YouTube is the fourth most visited website in Australia trailing only Google.com.au, Google.com and Facebook. The average time spent on the site per visit (globally) is more than 22 minutes (source: alexa.com)
    2. 11.5 million Australians use / visit YouTube, marginally trailing Facebook’s 13 million user base (source: SocialMediaNews.com)
    3. 52% of Australian YouTube users are males and 48% are females (source: YouTube Ad Planner)
    4. 51% of the Australian YouTube audience is aged between 18 – 34 and, surprisingly, 19% are 45 years and older (source: YouTube Ad Planner)
    5. The average Australian visits YouTube 11 times per month (source: Nielsen Online Ratings May 2013)
    6. Facebook is the second most popular place for Australians to watch online video with an audience of more than 4.1 million (source: Nielsen May 2013 Videocensus)
    7. 89% of Australians watch videos on Facebook (source: ACMA via Econsultancy)
    8. Nielsen’s May 2013 Videocensus also reported that 12.5 million Australians streamed online videos and a grand total of 1.75 billion streams were viewed in May 2013
    9. According to Nielsen, the overall online streaming video gender split is almost 50/50 but males watch an average of 161 streams per month while females watch an average of 118. Overall, Australians spent 6 hours and 49 minutes watching online video content in May 2013
    10. In Australia, YouTube clips are the third most downloaded types of content just behind photos and music (source: Panasonic via Econsultancy)

    What do these stats mean?

    This is often the question you find yourself asking when you come across statistics like these.

    The big  takeaway  is that online video consumption continues to increase and if YouTube’s 2020 prediction is correct, online video needs become a cornerstone of your content marketing strategy sooner rather than later.


    3. You’re great at talking to clients, right?  Now you need to make that skill translate for the camera in order to connect with your clients and prospective clients

    Having identified  we live in a video age,  your web and social sites need some great footage of you, introducing yourself, discussing your business philosophy and talking about  concepts relevant to your target audience ( ideal clients, tribe and  what is relevant to them )

    Video can be a way to save time, enhance communication and stand out from competitors.

    The Solution   ………Video Answers

    Specifically, we recommend clients create a “video FAQ” library by having staff identify the most frequently asked questions and then creating quick videos with the answers. Instead of calling and tying up a staff member with a common question, clients can refer to the website for an explanation.

    Another advantage: The video explanation may actually be better. The answer is probably going to be clearer when it is produced than it would be with an off-the-cuff answer to the phone request.

    And perhaps the most compelling reason to consider online video is the impression it leaves on prospective clients.  When new client prospects visit the website, chances are they will have, in their minds, some of the same questions that clients have been asking your firm.  Clearly promoted videos can answer their questions on the spot.

    It's like the firm is able to read the minds of the prospect. .. “What better way for a firm to set themselves apart from the competition?”

    Focus on Quality

    Beyond the video content, you also need to consider the level of production quality. We recommend working with a professional to get the most of out of video content.

    A poorly lighted recording done with your camera or smart phone will not bring you the level of client you are seeking. Get it done right.

    But remember, you don’t need to look like a professional speaker /presenter.  The best videos now are candid.

    4.  Getting Started  … A Special Offer

    To assist client firms take their first steps into the area of video production, Orbit has developed a special offer from the digital marketing expert we work with, Billy Kirkley from Clicks 2 Orders which will provide a limited number of client firms (five) with access to the following package of benefits;

    • A monthly  60 minute  session with Billy at a regular predetermined date and time at the Queensland Law Society in Anne Street, the city.
    • During this 60 minute  session you have time to record between two and four videos – depending upon how quickly you learn the process and feel comfortable in delivering your message.
    • Access to professional video recording  services e.g. professional videographer, teleprompter for scripts (like they use when reading the news), direction from Billy, professional lighting, professional sound recording.
    • Videos will be professionally produced – includes the addition of a introduction (music, logo and an ending)
    • Once post produced, videos will be supplied back to you each month ready for distribution to your database.
    • Videos will be loaded to your own You Tube channel
      • You should ensure your email marketing system has a capacity to record open rates and length of time people visit each video
      • You should incorporate You Tube videos into website functionality

    Your investment in producing two to three videos per month will be $500 per month plus GST, an average of $250 - $167 per video.

    Act quickly

    We have been able to negotiate this facility with Billy based on booking him for one day per month which is why it is limited to five clients initially.

    Do your own research ofBrisbaneprofessional firms and you will quickly find that very few are using video content at all. By starting now, it will give you an opportunity of establishing a significant voice for your business in your market ahead of your competition.

    Also attached is a great testimonial from one of Click 2 Order’s clients – Matt Hodson, fromJohnCrawford Marine regarding how a person searching the web saw his video and drove down to his marine business to purchase the boat he saw.