• My Dad’s in hospital … and Mum needs to speak to Telstra

  • My Dad’s  in hospital … and Mum needs to speak to Telstra


    Over the last few weeks my father has been critically ill.  Mum had an issue with a phone bill which she needed to query as it seemed excessive.


    As the account was in Dad’s name and Telstra was not authorised to speak with her .  Telstra was threatening to cut of the phone if bill was not paid.


    Luckily bank accounts are in separate as well as joint names – so the bank was not a problem ..yet.


    I suggested she may need to show them Dad’s power of attorney and if things got worse she may need it for other reasons as well.


    She said “ I am not sure where it is ..and can’t remember the lawyers name”. I am sure it is at the house ..just need to find it amongst his records.


    Does this sound familiar ?  Fortunately Dad is retired and not still running a business.


    This personal experience reminded me of why I advocate accountants playing a pro active role in the estate planning process which includes co ordinating where documents are stored.