• Lead Generation Starts from Within

  • Want to know a secret that the ad agencies and Sensus ( Yellow pages )  won’t tell you !

    Statistics tell us that 80% of a law firm lead generation come from existing clients and relationships.

    This make sense because  your clients  Know your capability  ( or should do ), Trust you , Have experienced your skills and excellent services , Will be happy to assist you  ( if you ask )

    There are several techniques you can use  to achieve a successful lead generation outcome from your existing relationships: Testimonials  ,  Case studies from successful outcomes , Referrals

    The  key to obtaining consistent  referrals  is at  your very  first meeting with a new client ,  you need explain that the way you build your practice , is on the basis of referrals from satisfied  clients.

    By introducing this  upfront, when you do ask for referrals after your work has been completed , it will not come as a surprise.

    This  then leads to another vital   strategy to building great relationships -  systematizing each  phase of client interaction eg at the first  meeting   a comment about referrals needs to be included.

     Client interaction  occurs  in the following areas : 1. The way a new client is welcomed at reception, 2. The new client procedure in the first meeting ,3.  Boardroom environment, 4.  Correspondence , 5. Template agreements look and feel, 6. The way a client is thanked  once a matter is completed  and lastly  7  A client service methodology to ensure you remain Top of Mind with family and friends.


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