• Kickstart 2014...15 ways to market your law firm

  • Kick Into Gear For The New Year: 15 Ways to Market Your Law Firm

    Legal marketing can be a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun. Either way, it’s a necessity to keep your business up and running.

    While there are some things that probably should be left to the pros, there are also a ton of things that you can do yourself when it comes to marketing your law firm.

    Here are 15 simple suggestions:

    1. Do a good job. This will get you repeat customers and referrals.
    2. Make a point to ask for referrals.
    3. Follow up with referrals. Don’t just reach out when things are slow. Making this a weekly habit helps eliminate those slow times altogether.
    4. Keep your blog updated. This keeps things energized and gives the search engines something to work with.
    5. Use social media. People are out there, and they want to see that you are, too.
    6. Create a marketing plan. A decent amount of effort up front will pay off hugely when you can simply “plug in and play” for the next several months.
    7. Drill down into your niche. Really defining your target market makes it so much easier to focus your efforts, especially when you’ve identified the decision makers within that market.
    8. Build trust with clients, not only by taking care of them when they need you, but also by letting them know when they really don’t.
    9. Analyze the data regarding your online marketing efforts. Are you email newsletters being read? What parts of your web site are the most popular?
    10. Let other people talk. People like to talk about themselves, and they really love to feel heard. Instead of monopolizing the conversation, show them that you are great at listening.
    11. Research potential clients before you meet with them. When you can walk in with an idea of how you can help, they’ll appreciate it and recognize that they need you.
    12. Attend a variety of events. From fundraisers to  business events , it doesn’t all have to be about the hard sell. Simply being there and possibly giving back gives you an opportunity to get involved and be seen.
    13. Teach others. Whether acting as a tutor  or teaching a free community class, you can increase your expertise and visibility, as well as make a lot of new contacts.
    14. Refer clients to other lawyers . It’s great to have a few lawyers you respect that you can refer clients to when you’re not the right fit. Make sure those lawyers  know who sent the client their way so they’re likely to return the favor.
    15. Have a convenient location. It may be more important to have a parking lot than to be in a high profile position . Think about your clientele and what is most convenient for them.

    Plenty of awesome legal marketing ideas have been left off this list, but there are a lot of good, easy ones on here.

    Hopefully there are some you haven’t thought of before, as well as ones that you knew but haven’t been putting into action yet.

    Let this be your inspiration to get started!