• Ideal Clients lead to Improved Cash Flow


    Struggling with clients who argue over fees or want to price shop ?

    Well .. you need to start  Identifying, attracting and developing “Ideal Clients” and  forget the others . Become laser focused and single minded,

     Attracting Ideal Clients should be your primary  objective.  Ideal Clients  are those  to whom your services can be utilised to provide highly valued solutions for,  you  enjoy working with , and  are  of   high value and profitable  to your practice.

    What is even more surprising is that having Ideal Clients will lead to improved cash flow and debtor  management as well as a lot more staff satisfaction from doing great work for delighted clients.

    I recently was working with a regional law firm which  had the foresight to engage a designated “Client  Service Manager” who had two primary responsibilities:

    • To design each process where the firm was engaging with a client – both from the initial meeting through to each  matter type.
    • To write a client  service policy which was accepted by the partners
    • Fee recovery

    What this firm has found is that when clients are properly engaged, and the right type of clients are sought out, that fee recovery ceases to be an issue.

    This reinforces the value of focussing on your Ideal Clients, refining your corporate message to attract this ideal  client, to engage this client properly and then enjoy the success.

    If you would like to learn  how your firm  could attract  more  Ideal Clients ,   and develop a  focussed  client engagement process, please  do not hesitate to contact us on

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