• Elevator Speech for Accountants

  • You know the old saying …first impressions count …well same applies in business.

    When you ride an elevator, it usually takes just a minute or so for you to arrive at your desired floor. This is where the idea of the elevator speech comes from. Should you happen to ride on an elevator with a decision maker or potential client, what can you say within the span of one minute, in order to convince that person to say yes ?

    Of course this doesn’t just apply to elevator encounters. This happens in our everyday interactions. The other person could be a potential investor, the company CEO, a hiring manager, or just about anybody with power and influence.

    The key lies in giving a short speech that’s clear, straight to the point, and most of all, compelling. It has to be so good that the other person says yes right then and there.

    Accountants Give Elevator Speeches Too

    Anybody who has anything to sell or offer,  is prone to giving their own version of an elevator speech. 

    In any case, be it a accountant, an insurance salesman, or a budding entrepreneur, a good elevator speech should contain the following:

    • A catchy pickup line – The opening statement should grab your attention right away.
    • A breakdown of what you  provide – What sort of product or service do you offer?
    • The challenges you face –  list down the challenges or problems your target  need to solve in his/her  life ..that you can help overcome
    • The benefits you will get – What will they  gain should you choose to deal with them? How will your problems be solved?
    • You’re  unique angle – What makes you different from everyone else?

    Now that you know the basics of an elevator speech you can use this knowledge in two ways. The first one is on how you yourself can craft an effective presentation the next time you run into an important decision maker. The second one is on how you  will be able to analyze and dissect the speeches that people present to you.

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