• Creating thought leadership via producing content

  • Introduction

    One of the principals of creating thought leadership is to produce regular content in the form of articles, videos, speeches on topics that reinforce your expertise in a particular area. This will get you recognized both directly and indirectly for thought leadership in the particular area.

    Below, we have identified a range of steps to successfully creating ongoing content which is the cornerstone of establishing yourself as a thought leader.


    Steps to creating content (for newsletters, videos, speeches)

    Step one: Identifying subject matter

    Write down specifically the areas you are interested in becoming a thought leader – be it a technical subject or an industry. Be as precise as possible as your objective is to differentiate yourself from existing people in the marketplace in which you seek to grow your reputation.

    Step two: Google search

    Establish Google search based on the topics you have identified in step one.

    Google then sends to you articles relevant to your topic.

    Step three: Store information identified via the web

    As a result of step two, you will be forwarded many articles on the topic. Review those and store those of highest value.

    Step four: Create content for articles and videos

    Based on the most suitable articles that your Google research identifies, rewrite the content provided into new articles and into scripts.

    The content for a video script and an article is actually very similar – only the format and the beginning and end are different.

    Once you are trained, it is a simple matter to write the content for an article and then quickly amend it to suit a video format. The conversion normally takes no longer than fifteen minutes.

    There is definitely a skill in writing a script for a video, tele-prompter, which will be covered in a separate workbook.

    Step five: Set an objective number of articles each week

    Seek to produce one or two articles each week via the above process.

    Step six: Publish

    Set up a procedure to create a blog or a video on the subject matter each week and have it published.

    Step seven: Create an e-book

    After twelve months of producing articles weekly, you’ll have the content of your first e-book.

    The content for an e-book is simply a refined version of your various articles put together into a presentable electronic package.

    There are plenty of e-book specialists that can assist create the format, look and feel.



    If you follow these steps above, you will create a never ending pool of research into your subject matter, this research will produce articles which will enable you to publish and script videos and be seen within your market as a thought leader.



    If you are serious about becoming a thought leader, see that you commence the process outlined above and proceed one stage at a time.