• Client Engagement Process Lacking?

  • Practices are not great at the client engagement process.


    We all know  the importance of first impressions. ..yet most fail the test the moment the client walks in the door ?


    We also know the benefit of systems for quality assurance – that’s why lawyers use precedents.


    There appears to be a lack of standardised client engagement process within many practices and this is definitely a cause for concern. Whilst the personalities and specific conversations will vary with each  client (and lawyer ), the process you use to engage them should not.


    There are many reasons to practice a standardised, repeatable process, including:


    • Providing a   Consistent client experience - this is imperative for your referral sources (they want the confidence that any client they refer to you will have the same, positive experience every time);


    • Risk management – less chance of anything falling through the cracks if the same process is repeated every time;



    • Providing the best advice – if the process is standardised, then all the lawyer needs to focus on is building the client relationship and covering all the relevant advice issues;


    • Staff training – it’s much easier to train staff on one standard process than to confuse them with different processes every time.



    So work on delivering a standardized great experience with each new client and you will  find far less problems later on.


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