• 7 Basics of Law Firm Success

  • The seven basics of law firm success


    One thing I have noticed is that most lawyers would prefer to  ignore marketing and focus on what they enjoy doing…giving great advice and helping clients.

    Those that do  spend  some  time  seeking  a solution to attracting new quality clients, often reach for one or two simple  solutions that will be quick fix   typically …whatever is the latest trend e.g. social media, search engine optimization, billboard advertising. They blindly hope that this one strategy will deliver to them al the new clients they need .

    Eventually, when they realise their investment has  been less than successful  they may blame the sales person who sold them on the idea.

    You should not blame the sales guy for the  lack of new clients. , it’s not about them…it is about you.

    In reality, you need one specific thing to grow your law firm successfully…personal responsibility.

    You must deeply believe that you and only you are responsible for your success…not your clients, not your advertising agency, not the economy.

    Once you accept this…you can begin to make forward progress.

    Once you’ve accepted your role as the architect of your future success you will change your approach towards the business development strategy for your firm.

    Rather than looking for some magic ingredients to drive new clients to your doorstep, look for ways to improve your own approach towards client attraction.

    Having accepted personal responsibility, you then are then in a position to  focus on the seven basics of law firm growth. They are;

    1. Match your message to your target audience;   stop talking about yourself…talk about the issues that  keep your clients awake at night.
    2. Become a thought leader; you cannot be everything to everyone…pick one area and become the expert at it and make sure everyone knows this is your area of law.
    3. 3.       Create systems; any activity you must do personally and repetitively is doomed.  Develop systems for your practice and monitor their effectiveness.
    4. Focus on relationships; do not sell. People want to know you, like you and trust you before they will work with you. Help them do that.
    5. Action; if you can’t figure out which action to do , take some action.
    6. Continuous improvement; this should be the mantra for not only your legal education but also your education in marketing , business development and business strategy.   Do these things better, faster and more efficiently?
    7. Accept feedback from a circle of trusted advisors; some people call this a board of  advice. You need to have a group of people you can rely on to give you direct feedback about your performance.

    You need to control your destiny as you alone are responsible for the success of your law firm. Accept this and begin to work on each of the seven fundamental behaviours outlined above. Once you do, you will find that client attraction is natural and consistent.

    To help you on your way, refer to our “Create the Practice of your Dreams” workbook attached which will help you identify key areas of your practice to work on.


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