• 5 Tips for Law Firm Marketing

  • Five Easy Low Cost Law Firm Marketing Tools Every Lawyer Should Use

    If you have limited resources and limited time there are 5 ways that you can work on straightaway that will create a huge impact in promoting your law firm. These 5 things are relatively cheap and they can have significant difference. You can call it your “Mini  Marketing Plan.”

    1. Newsletter.
      This is one of the foremost promotional tools but it is also the most neglected by lawyers.  A weekly or a monthly write up are both effective ways to capitalize on typical conversations happening within the day to day lives of your prospective clients.

    In most cases, prospective clients don’t have a clue as to when they will actually need legal assistance. If you are a regular part of their lives, you will be a constant resource for them and they will contact you when they have a problem..  It is highly unlikely that you will assist them with all of these issues.   You may also opt out for some  issues that you feel is beyond your areas of expertise.  Either way, you will develop personal relationships with these people.  This will be an opportunity for you to assist them and for  them to learn the type of work you prefer.  

    2. Educational Website
    .  Majority of law firms’ websites can be likened to a brochure.  This is not the ideal approach.   Your website should be a learning resource that will help clients’ to  learn how to deal with the issues they are facing This may mean you educate clients on topics with your relevant expertise and provide them with a platform to choose the best possible option.  When they understand the issue they are facing , they will know how to find a good lawyer.


    3. Appreciation Events. It will not be possible to spend time with all your clients and referral sources during a period of time.  However, personal interaction and developing relationships with them is very important should you wish to be top of mind  .  A regular scheduled client/referral gathering is a great opportunity to capitalize on  personal interaction at the same time as a platform to announce new initiatives and produce some buzz within the community.

    It is most effective to host this kind of event during a period when people are in town and available. Hence it is best to keep away from   December  and January as these maybe the time of year when people are the busiest with all the holiday plans    

    4. Structured Networking Group
    .   As with any business, referrals are the lifeblood of the practice..  You will realise that the majority of your referrals will come from your colleagues, friends and family.  It will be in the firm’s best interest to maintain a pool of people you can rely on consistently to provide referrals .  You will be blown away at how quickly good business comes back to you once you begin sending business referrals to the same people regularly. .

    It is a  wise investment of time to hold a gathering of referral partners every month.   This will be a very effective platform for  an exchange of ideas and discussing  issues concerning the community. Some of my clients  even share advertising and marketing expenses  with their referral partners  or host joint events where each invites a few clients to attend.  The key is promoting the upcoming event and sell it from the very beginning.  Once the buzz regarding the success of the first event circulates, the  sharing of ideas becomes inevitable.

    5. Media Presence.  People are more  interested  if they know what you know, rather than what you actually know.  It does not hurt the practice  if people perceive you as an expert.  The media is a very powerful tool to use to send this message across.  Just one  good media article  about you or the firm can spell the difference between being regarded as the expert or ignored.  There are many lawyers who would prefer not to be high profile figures as they believe it may make them less humble.  Others prefer to avoid the exposure because they believe it is more often “not friendly” to their profession and their clientele type.

    Writing articles and submitting these to publications your clients regularly read is one way to send out your message if you do not want to be quoted in the media.   These articles should speak about your conviction, your passion or both.  An effective channel for consumer lawyers (criminal law, family law, immigration law, personal injuries )  is to begin  with some  local publications.  You will find that your  suburban  newspaper is always in need of fresh content and editors are always welcoming well written articles provided by expert professionals.

    It does not matter how much you hate taking high profile cases.  Just remember that lawyers who take these cases get paid the most!

    Implementing these 5 ideas as your Mini Marketing Plan  will not attract a mass of clients.    However, it will help to regularly bring at least four to five new clients each month .That is approximately 48-60 new clients each year.   Although these are very conservative  figures, if your average client fee is  $5,000, this  basic set of tactics  could earn you between $240,000 - $300,000 pa.